Karen Casey w/ Niall Vallely & Niamh Dunne


Irish singer-songwriter Karan Casey embodies a musical legacy spanning decades, credited on over 80 albums, including 11 solo works. Her role as a founding member of Solas catapulted her into collaborations with esteemed artists like Béla Fleck, James Taylor, and The Chieftains. Recognized by The Glasgow Herald as “The most soulful singer to emerge in Irish traditional music in the past decade,” and lauded by the Irish Times for her storytelling, Casey's impact transcends borders. Beyond music, she's deeply involved in theater and advocacy, utilizing her platform for meaningful change. Currently touring with Niall Vallely and Niamh Dunne (of Beoga fame), Karan's performances continue to captivate audiences worldwide, cementing her status as a powerhouse in both traditional and contemporary music scenes.

Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers


Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers are well known within the music community. A master guitarist, singer and songwriter, Archie Fisher is Scotland's foremost Folk music troubadour and Garnet Rogers, with his "smooth, dark baritone" voice, his incredible range and thoughtful, dramatic phrasing, is widely considered by fans and critics alike to be one of the finest singers anywhere.

Heron Valley


Heron Valley, an energetic Scottish traditional band, is returning for their second year, blending Scottish and Irish influences. Their diverse lineup infuses performances with tales and Scots language lessons. With hits like "Pressed for Time" and "Home," and a Scots Trad Music Awards nomination, they've captivated audiences globally, releasing their debut album "Roam," singles like "Take You There," "Springburn," and the EP "Erie Storm," showcasing their eclectic sound.

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